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Mona Lisa Eclipsing

Title: Mona Lisa Eclipsing
Author: Sunny
Series: Monére, Children of the Moon - Book 5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 320 Pages
Pub. Date: Published May 2011 by Berkley Trade
Rating: 5/5

~Book's Description~
From the time she was an orphan, Mona Lisa knew she was different. As a Mixed-Blood daughter of the Monère, she rules her domain in the Louisiana Bayou. But she’s about to become the hunted as her mind begins playing tricks, and no one is who they seem.

Roberto Carderas, a dangerous drug lord of mixed Monère heritage, arrives in Cozumel to eliminate a rival. But the jaguar-shifter has encountered a much more valuable prize on the island: Mona Lisa, the first female Monère he’s ever met—and one especially vulnerable in that she has lost her memory. Now, with all knowledge of her real life as stripped away as her defenses, Mona Lisa can be manipulated into believing…anything.

Convinced that Roberto is her kind and sensual protector, Mona Lisa thwarts all attempts at her rescue—including those made by her desperate lover Dante. As Roberto’s devious scheme gets underway, Dante can only hope that the touch of his warm flesh will reignite total recall in the body and mind of the woman he loves. But escape for both of them could be as forever elusive as Mona Lisa’s past.

~My Review~

I love that there were no spoilers for the last quarter of the book, it took me by complete surprise and I loved it. I was starting to wonder what more trouble this poor girl could get herself in without it being overkill, but as usual Sunny has a way of keeping things fresh and exciting. I love where the series is headed with this new plot-line.

The mexican memory loss craziness of the majority of the book was thrilling and I loved getting Dante back in the picture. It had been awhile since I last read the other books (a year since I read them all back-to-back) so I was drawing blanks right along side Mona Lisa, which was fun. But if you want the effect of knowing when she doesn't, you may want a refresher.

Great job Sunny, as always :)

You can read the first chapter on Sunny's website here

My Rating: 5/5

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#1 Mona Lisa Awakening, #2 Mona Lisa Blossoming, #3 Mona Lisa Craving, #4 Mona Lisa Darkening. Also there are two short stories in anthologies: Over The Moon “Mona Lisa Three” (Set between 2 and 3), On The Prowl “Mona Lisa Betwining” (Set between 3 and 4)

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