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Lord of the Wolfyn - 4.5/5 Stars

Title: Lord of the Wolfyn
Author: Jessica Andersen
Series: Royal House of Shadows: Book 3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 288 Pages
Pub. Date: 10/18/2011 by Harlequin Nocturne
Rating: 4.5/5
*ARC received from publisher through NetGalley*
Once upon a time…the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal heirs…and time is running out…

For practical Reda Weston, nothing could explain how reading a sexy version of “Little Red Riding Hood” catapulted her into another realm—face-to-fang with the legendary wolf-creature who seduced women. A wolf who transformed into a dark, virile man…

Dayn cursed the Sorcerer that turned him wolfyn and damned him to a lonely fate. As a beast, he mated with women to gain strength. Strength he needed to rescue his royal parents. But as a man, he craved Reda’s heated, sizzling touch. With little time left, Dayn had to either embrace his wolf to save his kingdom…or fight it to save his woman.

~My Review~

Another great story, with another new voice to tell it. I liked Dayn's character in this book. He was self deprecating but in a way that worked. I hate it when characters go on and on about their mistakes - but Dayn knew what he did wrong, felt responsible/bad/sad and decided to do something about it.

Dayn, like his siblings, was transported away from their kingdom. He awoke in not only another country, but a whole other realm. Where he had to live amongst his enemies, the Wolfyn, hiding his true identity for fear of death should they find out his true heritage - that of the vampires, who hunted down their kind in the Magical realm, believing them to be only beasts.

Reda is a human cop who froze on the job, causing the death of her partner. She is lost to her own guilt and grief, until she stumbles upon a book she thought long lost. As she reads the ancient fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood she remembers her longing for the the woodsman that has been plaguing her dreams. She starts to remember the tales her grandmother told her of the hero and is transported into the Wolfyn realm to rescue Dayn and lead him to his homeland, but can he convince her that it's not all just a figment of her imagination?

The blurb on the back of the book gives away far too much if you ask me. I didn't read it until after, and I am glad I didn't. I liked some of the surprises they threw in there. I think that the only thing I didn't like about Lord of the Wolfyn was that it wasn't cohesive with Lord of the Vampires (book 1). They are all set apart in that the siblings were sent to different kingdoms or realms, but in the first book Nicolai is in contact with Dayn through their blood bond, and it isn't mentioned at all in Lord of the Wolfyn. I thought that was odd, but other than that I quite enjoyed the book and am interested to see Jessica Andersen's other work.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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