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Sabine's Stories - Two Soul Screamers Short Stories

For something a little different; since these stories are shorter and both featuring the same character from the Soul Screamer series, I'm going to review them together.


The first story is called "Fearless" and is the short story that introduced Sabine, currently found in the KISS ME DEADLY anthology. *Warning: Best read after "My Soul to Steal"*

My Review:

This is the most recent story I have read in the Soul Screamers universe, and I really enjoyed it. Where "Never to Sleep" failed to endear me to Sophie, "Fearless"completely changed my view of Sabine.

I have loved to hate the Nash-stealer since she sauntered on to the scene in "My Soul to Steal", but now that I know her back story - and not tainted through the fear and judgement of Kaylee's POV - I now have a total soft spot for her.

This short story starts with Sabine getting dropped off at the Holser House (one step up from correctional custody) and follows her for the next couple of days - the events of which cause Nash to later attempt a breakout, which leads to the events in "Reaper".

It was fun to read something from a Nightmare's point of view, and Rachel Vincent did a great job of getting me to sympathize with her - even as he was forcing nightmares on innocent sleepers.

I haven't finished the rest of the anthology yet, but I would definitely suggest picking it up to read before "Before I Wake" comes out on June 26th.

Fav. Quote(s):

"I fight my own battles." Sabine, pg 288

"He squeezed me tight and whispered into my ear, 'You don't seem very happy to see your only brother."
I whispered back, 'I might be, if I had one.'" Nash and Sabine, pg 307

My Rating: 5/5


The second story is called "Niederwald" and is an Emma/Sabine short story currently available in the ENTHRALLED anthology. *Warning: Best read after "My Soul to Steal"*

My Review:

Sabine definitely knows a lot more about the Netherworld than I thought. She also had to go through, and do so much more to find Nash than we see in Kaylee's books.

This story picks up on the road. Sabine and Emma are on their way back from an extra credit school trip, and not-so-shockingly Sabine had alternative motives in going.

We are introduced to the harpies that guard a gateway to the Netherworld. Bat-like and creepy behind their human disguises, they keep the humans out and everything else inside of the Netherworld.

Sabine obviously has a backstory with them, and we find out what that is in this story, as well as a glimpse into what might happen in the next Soul Screamers book through a very gifted young girl.

Again, I was drawn closer to Sabine's character, and it was also a nice treat to see Emma in a short story - being brave and totally human.

This book is set before "If I Die" and although it doesn't give away much, it does hint at some of the things to come. I read it after "If I Die" and it helped me understand the way that Sabine and Emma were behaving through the book. I can't believe how cool Sabine acted toward Kaylee's requests in "If I die" knowing what she finds out in "Niederwald" she is a lot nicer than I gave her credit for.

I have read a couple of the other stories in this anthology and I have loved all of them. It's a great collection of authors, and definitely worth the read. 

Fav. Quote(s):

"I never give up. But I already found him." Sabine, pg 113

"She was sterilizing him, bit by bit, excising the pieces she didn't like, as if love were a buffet you could pick and choose from." Sabine, pg 120

"Get the hell off me, you sick fuck." Emma, pg 128

My Rating: 5/5

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