Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Soul Screamers Breakdown

By now you should all know of my love for all things Rachel Vincent. After finishing the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge and being involved in the video spoiler chat for Before I Wake I was reminded of some awesome artwork I stumbled on last year by Marta Dahlig over on deviantArt.

It's a 7 Deadly Sins series, and I thought it would fun to match up her rendition of each deadly sin with the corresponding Soul Screamers book now that we know where each one fits in.

*NOTE: I do not own any of this artwork, and if you like it please head on over to Dahlig's deviantART gallery and give her the praise she is due.*

Vanity - My Soul To Take

Avarice (Greed) - My Soul To Save

Gluttony (Addiction) - My Soul To Keep

Envy - My Soul To Steal

Lust - If I Die

Sloth (Interpreted as fighting Depression) - Before I Wake

Wrath (Rage) - With All My Soul

I love the omnibus set and have even purchased the 4th volume for the only short story I don't own but I irrationally want to own them all, even with the individual books 1-7 and 3 anthologies on my shelf--I have a sickness! To order the 4 omnibuses click on the images below:

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